Brand mark

브랜드마크 이미지

The basic brand mark is the most important element in SY's internal and external communication. You should not change the shape and color as you like and should clearly maintain the suggested brightness and saturation.
In addition, if digital manuscript cannot be used due to the characteristics of the applied medium, it should be applied accurately according to the proportional regulation of the grid system so that the form is not deformed.

Brand Mark Image

Brand mark concept

Eco-friendliness Icon


By expressing the value of SY for eco-friendliness with green color and the shape of leaves, we aim for a high-level architectural culture where people, nature, and the environment become one.

Dry construction Icon

Dry construction

The basic habit of a magpie building a house with tree branches means dry architecture that SY is pursuing. With the motif of a magpie, we embodied SY which presents a new paradigm of dry architecture.

Soaring Icon


In the image of a bird soaring, we contained the vision of the vision of SY going beyond its current position and leaping endlessly.

Exclusive color

Main Color

SY Dark Green C90 M60 Y100 K50
R13 G30 B10
SY Deep Green C75 M35 Y100 K0
R64 G108 B27
SY Orange C0 M60 Y90 K0
R255 G128 B0

SY Gradient

C45 M60 Y100 K50
R140 G201 B25
C82 M41 Y100 K0
R46 G93 B27

Use of color according to the background


White Background Logo1
White Background Logo2
White Background Slogan1
White Background Slogan2

SY Dark Green

Dark Green Background Logo1
Dark Green Background Logo2
Dark Green Background Slogan1
Dark Green Background Slogan2

SY Deep Green

Deep Green Background Logo1
Deep Green Background Logo2
Deep Green Background Slogan1
Deep Green Background Slogan2

SY Orange

Orange Background Logo1
Orange Background Logo2
Orange Background Slogan1
Orange Background Slogan2

SY Gradient

Green Gradient Logo1
Green Gradient Logo2
Green Gradient Slogan1
Green Gradient Slogan2


Black Background Logo1
Black Background Logo2
Black Background Slogan1
Black Background Slogan2
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