CEO’s Greetings

타이틀꾸밈 이미지 To the world beyond Korea
A specialized company for general architectural materials,
it is SY.

SY Group is a company specialized for general architectural materials and produces all architectural materials and raw materials that are required for a building from external panels for a building to windows and panel accessories, insulators, pre-painted steel sheets, H-shaped steel, deck sheets, aluminum composite panels, internal and external building materials and chemical materials. We’re approaching to you with diverse portfolio by advancing to the advanced modular house business with a panelized type since 2016 which all competencies of SY are integrated.

SY has readhed the present with constant research and development and investment on production facilities under the value of ‘Quality First’ after its establishment in 1994. Also, since it has taken the 1st place in market share for domestic panels in 2006, domestic 6 corporations and 15 places of businesses realize the one-stop service from production of raw materials to production, design and construction of complete products by repetitive innovation and business advancement.

Now the eyes of SY are towards the world.
Currently, we will supply SY products to all over the world as well as ASEAN focusing on local 6 corporations in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Cambodia and Nepal etc.

Global No.1
It is not a dream but a task to SY that is encountered. With a mindset of “if’s not working, make it happen, and it works once we do” of all executives and employees, SY will become a new national company that returns the best quality and reliability to customers who believe and purchase the products, profits to investors and society. Thank you.


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