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Convenience and warmth

SY Housing is a housing brand of SY, a company specializing in general construction materials that creates a convenient residential space that considers the practicality of increasing insulation and lowering maintenance costs and the life of customers.

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Product Features

우레탄 단열재 사용 Icon Use of urethane insulation

With excellent thermal insulation, there is no thermal bridge, firmly preventing leaking heating and cooling costs.

What is thermal bridge?

It refers to a phenomenon in which heat is transferred between the inside and outside because the joint between the roof and the wall or window frame is not properly constructed or the column or wall is not properly insulated. In particular, the cold-heat bridge phenomenon is the main cause of dew condensation (mold generation) and greatly increases heating and cooling costs.

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Construction Cases

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  1. 0108 Type
  2. 0215 Type
  3. 0319 Type
  4. 0419 Type (2F)
  5. 0521 Type
  6. 0622 Type
  7. 0726 Type
  8. 0826 Type (2F)
  9. 0928 Type
  10. 1034 Type (2F)
  11. 1140 Type (2F)
  12. 1242 Type
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